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Touching lives, enhancing safety

The transportation value chain is at the heart of Huber Advanced Materials. You’ll find what we make in every corner of cars, trucks and trains.  

Applications in transportation

Thermal management

Our Martinal®, Magnifin® and Martoxid® series of thermally conductive fillers for heat dissipation provide superior thermal management solutions for easy processing, high filling levels, low abrasion and improved wear. Based on aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and alumina, they are engineered for balanced processing and physical properties, even at extreme loading levels. Suitable for most polymers.

Download thermal management 2021(product brochure)

Fire retardancy

Halogen-free fire retardants from Huber Advanced Materials provide improved fire retardancy properties. Based on aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, phosphorus-nitrogen and molybdate systems, they make it possible to meet the most stringent fire retardancy requirements, such as UL-94 V0 and ISO 6722 T3/T4. 

Download halogen-free fire retardant additives for composites applications (product brochure)


High-performing Martoxid® PC and PS Series Calcined Aluminas are uniquely designed to help polishing materials achieve the highest possible brilliance. Based on controlled feedstock and processing conditions, they improve brilliance in metal polishes for cell phones or tableware without scratches, while also reducing scratches on ophthalmic lenses and polycarbonate windows and achieving optimal clarity and gloss in automotive aftermarket polishes.

Download Martoxid® aluminum oxides for polishing and grinding applications (product brochure)


Our additives to reduce glare, impart haptic properties and improve the lifetime of automotive coatings deliver improved matting and glare reduction for better safety and aesthetics, as well as improved adhesion properties of paint to vehicle body.

Download Pergopak® organic matting agents for industrial coatings (product brochure)

Download ATH and Pergopak® organic matting agents for coatings and applications (product brochure)

Spark plugs

Huber Advanced Materials’ optimized calcined alumina for spark plug applications (coarse, medium, fine and ultra-fine grades) offers superior electrical insulation properties to keep engines safe. Our aluminas feature outstanding fired density, low and very low soda (Na2O) content, and low sintering temperature.

Brake pads

Huber Advanced Materials’ optimized calcined alumina for brake pad applications makes it possible to meet the most demanding efficiency, durability and comfort standards. Our aluminas feature outstanding fired density, excellent wear resistance, high mechanical strength, low and very low soda (Na2O) content and low sintering temperature.

Emission control

Huber Advanced Materials’ alumina-based raw materials for emission control to produce ceramic honeycomb substrates and catalytic wash coating treatments offer the highest mechanical strength, outstanding pore size control for particulate capture and excellent performance-to-weight ratio.

Lithium-ion batteries

Huber Advanced Materials’ solutions ensure battery stability and safety, enhanced fire retardancy and improved vehicle lightweighting. Our materials deliver improved reliability and safety of lithium-ion batteries in cell architecture (anode, cathode, separator) and pack structure (gap filler, casing, wires).

Download Martoxid® battery (product brochure)

Railway applications

CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, has identified the fire test methods for use in the classification of products and materials employed in railway carriages throughout Europe. The standard is UNI EN 45545. Martinal® aluminum hydroxide products from Huber Advanced Materials make it possible to achieve the challenging targets of EN 45545 hazard level 3 (HL3) for railway profiles and structural parts.

Download Halogen-free fire retardant additives for composites applications (product brochure)

Tire Tread compounds

Our fine precipitated aluminum hydroxide (FPH) in tire tread formulations can lead to improved tire labeling by enhancing dry traction, improving winter traction and reducing rolling resistance.  Our team of experts are looking forward to providing further insight in developing tailoried FPH soluations for your formulations.

Download Tire Tread Compounds (product brochure)


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