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The unparalleled versatility of Huber Advanced Materials’ products makes our technical expertise highly valued in a wide range of industrial applications.

Industrial applications

Polishing and grinding

With a Mohs hardness of 9, aluminum oxide is used in many polishing agents for industrial and consumer uses. Because polishing performance differs depending on the substrate, our Martoxid® aluminum oxides vary in friability, surface area, degree of calcination and particle size distribution. Possible surfaces include soft metals, hard metals, painted surfaces, plastics and silicon wafers.

Download Martoxid® aluminum oxides for polishing and grinding applications (product brochure)

Technical ceramics

Technical ceramics made of aluminum oxides provide high mechanical strength and extreme hardness, as well as excellent resistance to wear, temperature and corrosion. They deliver thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation for engineered ceramics, electronic components, anti-wear components and other high-performance applications. Martoxid® superground, ground and unground technical ceramics grades and ready-to press KMS grades provide highest purity, low soda content, good processability and excellent sintering behavior for engineering of ceramic bodies in most demanding applications.

Download Martoxid® aluminum oxides calcined aluminas for technical ceramics (product brochure)
Download Martoxid® aluminum oxides calcined alumina granules (product brochure)


Superground Martoxid® aluminum oxides from Huber Advanced Materials excel as high-temperature resistant binding systems in demanding refractory applications. They match or exceed customer requirements for high temperature resistance, mechanical stability and processing characteristics while offering superior economics compared to silicon carbide, white fused alumina and tabular alumina.

Download Martoxid® aluminum oxides calcined aluminas for the refractories industry (product brochure)

Gas and liquid purification

Compalox® activated aluminum oxides are the preferred material to extract impurities from liquids because of their highly adsorptive properties. Compalox® is an indispensable product during H2O2 processing.

Download Compalox® Activated Aluminum Oxides for Sustainability and the Adsorption of Pollutants and Harmful Substances

Plastic pallets and boxes

Highly automated warehouses require fire retardancy for plastic boxes and pallets. Our Vertex®, Magnifin® and Zerogen® products provide unparalleled processing performance and help warehouses comply with the most stringent fire safety standards. 


Pergopak® matting and effect agent grades provide a high-performance balance of matting, clarity, rheology and abrasion resistance along with a pleasant feel compared to that of matting agents alone. These organic thermoset polymethyl urea resins (PMUs) allow the creation of surface properties and visual and physical effects that cannot be achieved with standard matting agents like silicas or waxes.

Download Pergopak® organic matting agents for industrial coatings (product brochure)
Download ATH and Pergopak® organic matting agents for coatings and applications (product brochure)​​​​​​​

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