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Thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity semiconductor with paste
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Huber Advanced Materials’ series of Martinal® TM, Magnifin® TM and Martoxid® TM based on aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and alumina are thermally conductive fillers for heat dissipation. Our thermal management solutions provide you with cost-efficient and effective engineered solutions that fit your needs.

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What is thermal management and what are thermally conductive compounds and fillers?

Thermal management is all around us. Thermally conductive compounds and fillers make modern life possible in automobiles, e-mobility, electrical vehicles, batteries, electric motors, aerospace, electronics, mechatronics and power modules, all of which require reliable, lightweight solutions.

With electronic components continuing to get smaller in size and delivering more power than ever before, components’ heat dissipation requirements are also increasing. Because high temperatures can render electronic parts inoperable or reduce their life cycle, thermal management and proper integrative and miniature design are critical in order to sustain high performance, fast production throughput rates, reliability and safety.

As a result, thermally conductive compounds and fillers have gained enormous momentum in recent years. While plastic components are lighter and less costly to produce than comparable metal parts, unmodified polymeric systems are thermal insulators and cannot conduct heat. Polymeric systems therefore require effective thermally conductive additives to dissipate the heat while maintaining their electrically insulating properties. 

Thermal interface materials are used for functional sheets, IC packaging, heat sinks, electrical power appliances, tapes, pads, thermal gap fillers, encapsulation compounds, adhesives, grease, sealing materials, coatings, SF 6 gas circuit breakers and solar panels, among other applications. Filled polymers are ideal materials for the design of more efficient, integrative and complex components.

Applications where thermal management matters

  • Thermosets
  • Thermoplastics
  • Engineering thermoplastics
  • Elastomers

Our solutions for thermal conductivity

Huber Advanced Materials is an expert in the development of thermally conductive solutions.

With our comprehensive range of engineered thermal management solutions for a wide variety of polymeric systems, we offer cost-effective and easy-to-use products that are optimized for the specific polymer matrix. Designed to maintain thermal conductivity in the most demanding applications, they enable loading levels up to 90% in polymer, as well as superior mechanical performance, processability and low abrasion.

Our innovative portfolio of products suits a wide range of thermal management applications. Our product lines Martoxid® TM, Magnifin® TM and Martinal® TM offer technical advantages while being reliable and cost-efficient. Our experts will help you select the appropriate grades to meet your specific requirements


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