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Electrical, electronics & infrastructure

E-infrastructure electrical insulator
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Huber Advanced Materials offers a portfolio of materials for connectors and housings, copper clad laminates, ceramic or silicone high voltage insulators, heat sinks for power electronics and thermally conductive fillers.

Applications in electrical, electronics and infrastructure

Connectors and housings

Magnifin® magnesium hydroxide is used as a fire retardant for thermoplastic connectors and housings. 

Copper clad laminates 

Kemgard® is a unique molybdate-based smoke suppressant technology. When used as a halogen-free fire retardant lubricant in copper clad laminates (CCL), it can help reduce drilling defects, such as sheet defects, while lowering maintenance and retooling costs.

Aluminum hydroxide (ATH) is an excellent choice achieving halogen-free fire safety standards in CCL applications for various laminate types e.g. FR-4, CEM-3, and CEM-1.

Technical ceramics

Technical ceramics based on Martoxid® aluminum oxides offer outstanding thermal conductivity as heat sinks in power electronics or LED housings. 

Download Martoxid® aluminum oxides calcined aluminas for technical ceramics (product brochure)
Download Martoxid® aluminum oxides calcined alumina granules (product brochure)

High voltage insulators

Ceramic and silicone high voltage insulators benefit from Martoxid® aluminum oxide’s high dielectric strength.  

Thermal management

Passive cooling via thermally conductive composites and thermal interface materials is the key to assuring the reliability of electronic components. MDH, ATH and alumina make it possible to achieve the highest filing level with balanced cost, processability and physical properties. Particle size distribution, particle shape and morphology, as well as surface treated products, also play an important role.

Download thermal management 2021(product brochure)


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