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Aluminum hydroxide


Huber supplies a large range of halogen-free alumina trihydrate (ATH) grades that will fit almost any fire retardant or smoke suppression application. Based on our customers' requirements we develop the right solution to meet market requirements.

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What is alumina trihydrate (ATH)?

Alumina trihydrate (ATH), also known as aluminum hydroxide, is the world’s most widely used flame retardant. It can be used in coatings and polymers, or in solid surfacing. Considered by many to be the most economical fire retardant, it also functions as a smoke suppressant.

At approximately 220°C, ATH decomposes into aluminum oxide and releases water in an endothermic reaction. The heat energy from the flaming plastic is absorbed, and the released water molecules provide flame retardance and smoke suppression.

Halogen-free ATH is not only more economical than halogenated compounds, it is also much safer. Composites containing chlorinated or brominated fire retardants emit hydrogen chloride (HCl) gas or hydrogen bromide (HBr) when burned— substances that are toxic to the skin, eyes and lungs. ATH’s reaction is environmentally friendly with no toxic emissions. What is more, ATH is inert and compatible with all composite resin types.

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Huber Advanced Materials is an expert in the development of alumina trihydrate (ATH).

When things heat up and you need advanced fire retardant performance for molding compounds, turn to the exclusive halogen-free alumina trihydrate grades from Huber Advanced Materials. Our products allow for standard and higher loadings while offering the latest developments in low viscosity technology—providing increased fire retardance, low formation of smoke and toxic gases and no corrosivity while lowering formulation costs and reducing the need for halogens.

Huber Advanced Materials is your partner for halogen-free flame retardants and smoke suppressants, with almost 40 years of experience offering product use guidance and a dedicated technical team for strong customer focus and support. Let us show you how our customer care is second-to-none. Before things heat up, turn to us to find the optimized ATH solution for your next application.

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Martinal® Aluminum Hydroxide

Halogen-free ATH flame retardants for the cable industry 

Martinal® alumina trihydrate (ATH) is a halogen-free flame retardant that meets and exceeds the most demanding requirements, especially for wire and cable compounders and producers. Environmentally friendly Martinal® products are non-corrosive, inert and without effect of pigmentation smoke suppressors. Available in various grades, tailor-made precisely to the specific properties of major plastic systems, Martinal® meets the most stringent requirements of the wire and cable industry.

Hydral® Aluminum Hydroxide

Surface-treated and globally recognized for high quality, cost-effective performance

Huber Advanced Materials’ halogen-free Hydral® product line is globally recognized as consistently high in quality and cost effectiveness. Through the technical advancement of sub-micron grades, Hydral® alumina trihydrate (ATH) flame retardants and smoke suppressants are leading the flame retardant additives market to new capabilities for rheology control and flame retardant efficiency.

Micral® Aluminum Hydroxide

Long-standing, proven and quality aluminum hydroxides 

Micral® alumina trihydrate (ATH) is a fine-ground flame retardant and smoke suppressant that offers fewer fine particles and lower surface area as well as fewer coarse particles than other find-ground ATH products. Benefits include improved consistency, lower viscosity, controlled thickening and better mechanical properties. Micral® is engineered for applications including paints and coatings, rubber compounds, thermoplastics and thermoset plastics, as well as adhesives, caulks and sealants.

MoldX® Aluminum Hydroxide 

Eliminate halogens and reduce resin consumption 

When things heat up and you need and advanced flame retardant for molding compounds, turn to the exclusive MoldX® optimized alumina trihydrate (ATH) product line-up from Huber Advanced Materials. All MoldX® products allow for higher loadings thanks to their low viscosity technology, providing increase flame retardant efficiency while lowering formulation costs.

Hymod® Aluminum Hydroxide

Versatile surface-treated hydrophobic aluminum hydroxide for a variety of applications 

Our halogen-free Hymod® alumina trihydrate (ATH) product line has been a global leader for several decades in terms of performance and pushing the boundaries required for improved mechanical and processing properties. Key benefits of surface-treated Hymod® ATH products include improved compatibility with polymers, better wet-out, lower viscosity, higher throughput rate and improved mechanical properties.

SpaceRite® Aluminum Hydroxide 

Optimizing the cost and performance of aluminum hydroxide, providing high brightness to extend UV cure inks and coatings 

SpaceRite® alumina hydroxide (ATH) provides outstanding clarity and transparency in UV cure applications. Chemically inert, water insoluble, cost-effective and fire-retardant, SpaceRite® offers unequaled purity and brightness, narrow particle size distribution and high UV transparency.

Onyx Elite® Aluminum Hydroxide

Create an elegant, stylish and imaginative bath or kitchen design with these cast polymer translucent grades 

Onyx Elite® is a high-whiteness, color-controlled alumina trihydrate (ATH) product line from Huber Advanced Materials designed to provide the translucency, depth of pattern and soft white color necessary to achieve the excellent aesthetic properties that are especially important for the cast polymer industry. In addition to good looks and durability, there are no limits to the design possibilities.

SB Aluminum Hydroxide

High whiteness, cost-effective fire retardant for thermoset composite applications 

SB is a halogen–free, fine particle size alumina trihydrate (ATH) product line from Huber Advanced Materials that provides low-cost flame retardant and smoke suppression in a variety of applications.

HN Aluminum Hydroxide

Cost-effective, dependable fire retardancy solution 

HN is a halogen–free, fine particle size alumina trihydrate (ATH) product line from Huber Advanced Materials that provides low-cost flame retardant and smoke suppression in a variety of applications. The particle size distribution is specifically designed for low viscosity, high filler loading levels and excellent processing characteristics up to 200°C.

Martifin® Aluminum Hydroxide

Filler and coating pigment in the paper and board industry

Martifin® alumina trihydrate (ATH) filler and coating pigment improves brightness, opacity, smoothness, gloss and printability. In addition it can be used as a flame retardant additive.