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Thermplastics electrical box
Touching lives, enhancing safety

We offer a broad portfolio of halogen-free fire retardants that meet the highest safety standards in thermoplastic materials requiring high processing temperatures and delivering superior compound performance. 

Applications in thermoplastics

Fire retardancy

For thermoplastics with a processing temperature below 200°C aluminum hydroxide (ATH) is an ideal halogen-free fire retardant. Example polymers are PE, EVA, PVC, TPU, TPE, EPDM, etc. The decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide (MDH) of 330°C makes MDH ideal for use in thermoplastic systems that need to be processed at higher temperatures, such as PP, PA, etc. Huber Advanced Material’s product line includes a variety of surface-treated ATH and MDH grades with surface treatments tailored to the selected polymer system.

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Smoke suppression

Kemgard® smoke suppressants with molybdate technology do not decompose at standard processing temperatures, making them an excellent choice for nylon applications.

Download Kemgard® 600 molybdate smoke suppressants technical sheet (product brochure)

Thermal management

Our Martinal® TM, Magnifin® TM and Martoxid® TM series of thermally conductive fillers for heat dissipation provide superior thermal management solutions for easy processing, high filling levels, low abrasion and improved wear. Based on aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and alumina, they are engineered for balanced processing and physical properties, even at extreme loading levels. Suitable for most polymers.


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