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Compalox® activated alumina is the ideal solution for chemical processes and environmental protection.

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What is activated alumina?

Activated alumina is a porous, solid form of aluminum oxide. The same mineral is also found in rubies and sapphires, helping give those gems their unique color. Characteristics that make activated alumina an ideal ingredient in many industrial processes include high crush strength, resistance to thermal shock and resistance to chemical attack.

Activated alumina is produced from feedstocks by controlled thermal treatment in order to eliminate most of the water in the crystal lattice. Because of their highly adsorptive properties, activated powders are commonly used as an absorbent to extract impurities from liquids. Alumina adsorbents physically bind gases, vapors or dissolved substances on the surface of solid, porous materials. The degree of adsorption depends on the polarity of the substances to be removed.

Activated alumina applications

  • Desiccant (drying of organic and inorganic gases and liquids)
  • Catalyst in hydrogen peroxide production
  • Purification of process gases and liquids
  • Enrichment and recovery of defined substances from diluted systems
  • Acid and residue monomer adsorption in reaction streams based on gases or liquids
  • Air purification
  • Water purification by the adsorption of arsenic, fluoride, phosphate and heavy metals
  • Chromatography

Experience and excellence for activated alumina

Huber Advanced Materials is an expert in the development of activated alumina.

Compalox® activated aluminum oxides remove a variety of impurities by adsorption from either liquid or gaseous media. Depending on the pH value, flocculation adsorption can also be achieved. To solve specific adsorption or catalytic problems, Compalox® can be modified as a tailor-made product by variation of the activation process or by using dopants meeting the customer’s requirements.

Huber Advanced Materials manufactures Compalox® granular activated aluminum oxides through a specially designed process. The resulting low-dust granulates are easy to handle, and have high specific surface area, high crystallinity and large pore volumes. The granular form allows flow into fill columns easily, resisting deagglomeration into powders. High surface area allows extraction of impurities from liquids.

Huber Advanced Materials has more than half a century of experience supplying and using Compalox® activated alumina to reduce harmful substances. We offer detailed technical advice on your specific application situation. In addition, we provide superior technical service and expertise on alumina adsorbents along with our dedicated and personalized customer care that is second-to-none.

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