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Huber Advanced Materials’ halogen-free fire retardants offer a broad application range – from roofing materials to carpets, insulation materials to coatings, and flexible and rigid piping to composite materials.

Applications in building & construction

Halogen-free fire retardancy

Huber Advanced Materials offers premium and technical magnesium hydroxide (MDH) for highly demanding applications, premium fine precipitated hydrate (FPH) for maximum compounding throughput and long product technical life, and ground, low-viscosity aluminum trihydrate (ATH) for high extrusion speed.

Download Martinal ® and Magnifin ®  halogen-free fire retardants for the cable industry (product brochure)

Download halogen-free fire retardant additives for composites applications (product brochure)

Smoke suppression

Kemgard® molybdate-based smoke suppressants offer a safe, sustainable and efficient solution for replacing antimony trioxide (ATO) and ammonium octamolybdate (AOM).

Download Kemgard® 600 molybdate smoke suppressants (product brochure)


Pergopak® matting and effect agent grades provide a high-performance balance of matting, clarity, rheology and abrasion resistance along with a pleasant feel compared to that of matting agents alone. These organic thermoset polymethyl urea resins (PMUs) allow the creation of surface properties and visual and physical effects that cannot be achieved with standard matting agents like silicas or waxes.

Download Pergopak® organic matting agents for industrial coatings (product brochure)

Download ATH and Pergopak® organic matting agents for coatings and applications (product brochure)


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