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Magnesium hydroxide


While having the same fire retardant mechanism as alumina trihydrate (ATH), magnesium hydroxide flame retardants are thermally stable at temperatures up to 110°C higher than ATH. Formulators can also blend MDH with ATH to achieve improved flame retardancy in a variety of polymer systems. 

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What is magnesium hydroxide (MDH)?

Magnesium hydroxide (MDH) is a halogen-free, environmentally friendly and economical inorganic compound. It is widely used to make low-smoke and/or halogen-free flame retardant wire and cable compounds for a range of insulation and jacketing applications. 

Magnesium hydroxide flame retardants retard both flame and smoke through an endothermic reaction that releases water when heated to decomposition. The metal oxide by-product from decomposed MDH also helps form a char on the polymer, which insulates it from heat and oxygen.

MDH is preferred for formulating compounds that need to be processed at temperatures near or above the alumina trihydrate (ATH) decomposition temperature of 220°C, such as polypropylene and engineering thermoplastics. At 330°C, MDH decomposes to form magnesium oxide and water in an endothermic reaction. This reaction takes heat away from the flame, giving low rates of heat release.

Use of magnesium hydroxide flame retardants also makes it possible to process PVC or polyolefin compounds at higher temperatures than with ATH, enhancing the compounding efficiency or extrusion throughput.

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Huber Advanced Materials is an expert in the development of magnesium hydroxide (MDH) flame retardants.

Huber Advanced Materials’ technology and market expertise is the foundation for developing innovative products that meet the exacting performance requirements for each application. We specialize in the design, manufacture and marketing of a comprehensive product portfolio based on MDH. Beyond that, we offer comprehensive technical guidance in using our array of high-performing magnesium hydroxide flame retardants.

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Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant for polyamide, wire and cable

Magnifin® magnesium hydroxide (MHD) is a high-purity synthetic magnesium hydroxide produced using a patented manufacturing process. Magnifin® allows processors to produce flame-retarded polyamide without halogen or phosphorus-containing compounds and ensures extremely low levels of smoke density, without affecting the color of the finished product. In wire and cable applications, it meets and exceeds compounders’ and producers’ most demanding requirements.


Superior fire retardance for a wide range of applications

Vertex® magnesium hydroxide (MDH) from Huber Advanced Materials imparts outstanding fire retardance and smoke suppression in wire and cable jacketing applications. It is also ideal for applications such as fire retardant bins, containers, plastic pallets and electrical boxes used in regulated areas such as hospitals, schools, warehouses and office buildings.


Delivering enhanced compound performance

Zerogen® magnesium hydroxide (MDH) offers improved mechanical property balance and enhanced electrical and color performance benefits when high-temperature wet electrical properties are needed. Designed for wire and cable applications where electrical and mechanical performance considerations are most critical.