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Electrical properties

Electrical properties water and cable
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Both aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide are very good insulator materials, with a low dielectric loss factor and high dielectric strength.


Technical ceramics made from Martoxid® calcined aluminum oxides provide highest thermal resistance, mechanical strength, extreme hardness, excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, excellent thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation. Our materials are available as unground, ground and superground grades, as well as ready-to-press granules. 

Martinal® and Magnifin® grades have extremely low electrolyte content and therefore are the ideal choice for use in wire and cable insulation compounds. They provide highest volume resistivity even when in contact with water. In addition to their outstanding electrical properties, our Martinal® and Magnifin® products exhibit high thermal stability, outstanding compounding performance and good flowability.

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Huber Advanced Materials’ Martoxid® aluminum oxides are used in high-voltage ceramic insulators, in spark plugs or as an additive to improve the electrical properties of polymers. Huber Advanced Materials’ Magnifin® and Martinal® aluminum hydroxide grades provide cable compounds with best-in-class flame retardancy while at the same time improving electrical resistivity of the polymer.

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