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Adsorption & filtration

Filtration compalox water purification
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Huber Advanced Materials’ products excel in liquid and gas purification for water treatment, food and beverage, biology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.


Compalox® activated aluminum oxides remove a variety of impurities by adsorption from either liquid or gaseous media. Depending on the pH value, flocculation adsorption can also be achieved.

Superground Martoxid® grades provide coating for active filtration layers in micro- and ultrafiltration.

Martoxid® technical ceramics and KMS grades provide unique value for sintering ceramic bodies in tubular membranes for liquid filtration.

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Our solutions for adsorption and filtration

Activated aluminum oxide powders are ideally suited to extract impurities because of their highly adsorptive properties. 

Used in ceramic membranes, calcined aluminum oxides provide tunable porosity and high thermal, chemical and mechanical stability. Our products help purify underground and drinking water, clean processing liquids and remove noxious matter in industrial water and waste water as well as in exhaust air and gases.

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