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Thermal resistance

Thermal resistance
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Aluminum oxide is an inert material with excellent thermal conductivity. Its outstanding thermal resistance makes it the perfect material for high-heat applications.  

Applications requiring thermal resistance

Superground Martoxid® aluminum oxides excel as high-temperature resistant binding systems in demanding refractories applications. They are preferably used as highly reactive binding systems in low- and no-cement castables as well as in slide gates, nozzles, lances, kiln furnitures and ceramic filters.

Technical Ceramics made from Martoxid® calcined aluminum oxides provide highest thermal resistance, mechanical strength, extreme hardness, excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, excellent thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation. Our materials are available as unground, ground and superground grades, as well as ready-to-press granules.

Ultra-thin ceramic coatings are applied to lithium-ion battery separator membranes to enhance resistance to thermal deformation and improve mechanical strength of the membrane. Our Martoxid® calcined alumina provide tightly controlled particle size and low impurity levels to improve battery lifetime, safety and performance.

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Our solutions for thermal resistance

Martoxid® aluminum oxides from Huber Advanced Materials excel in high-temperature applications such as refractory applications, engineered ceramics, thermal resistant coatings, particulate filters and battery separator coatings. Martoxid® aluminum oxides match or exceed customer requirements for high temperature resistance, mechanical stability and processing characteristics while offering superior economics compared to other minerals.

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