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Mechanical hardness

Mechanical hardness
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With a Mohs hardness of 9, aluminum oxide is one of the hardest materials available on earth.

Functionalities in mechanical hardness

High-performing Martoxid® PC and PS series calcined aluminas are uniquely designed to help polishing materials achieve the highest possible brilliance. Based on controlled feedstock and processing conditions, they improve brilliance in metal polishes for cell phones or tableware without scratches, while also reducing scratches on ophthalmic lenses and polycarbonate windows and achieving optimal clarity and gloss in automotive aftermarket polishes.

Martoxid® calcined aluminas are optimized for technical ceramics with outstanding fired density, excellent wear resistance, high mechanical strength, low and very low sodium (Na2O) content and low sintering temperature. Huber Advanced Materials’ calcined alumina deliver top efficiency, durability and comfort levels to meet the most demanding requirements. 

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Our solutions for mechanical hardness

The mechanical hardness of Huber Advanced Materials’ Martoxid® aluminum oxides makes it an excellent choice of material in applications like polishing, lapping, wear-resistant ceramics, friction additives and abrasion-resistant coatings. 

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