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Hymod ® SB432 ST1

Hymod® SB432 ST1 aluminum hydroxide is a medium particle size aluminum hydroxide treated with fatty acid.

Martinal ® ON-313S

Martinal® ON-313 S aluminum hydroxide is a 15 micron, ground aluminum hydroxide used as a flame retardant and smoke suppressant, produced in Bergheim, Germany.

SB 336

SB-336 aluminum hydroxide is a ground high whiteness flame retardant with an average median particle size of 15.5 microns in adhesives, caulks and sealants applications.

Vertex ® 60HST

Vertex® 60 HST magnesium hydroxide is a fatty acid treated grade.

Vertex ® 60 SV

Vertex® 60 SV magnesium hydroxide is a product with a proprietary surface treatment to allow for high loadings in polyolefin applications such as plastic pallets and rubbish containers.