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Hydral ® 710

Hydral® 710 aluminum hydroxide is a precipitated ultrafine aluminum hydroxide flame retardant with low surface area.

Hydral ® 7

Hydral® Coat 7 aluminum hydroxide is a high performing, untreated precipitated ultrafine white aluminum hydroxide powder with a median particle size of 0.7 microns and uniform particle size distribution. Hydral Coat 7 is a fully de-agglomerated powder.

Hymod ® SB432 SP

Hymod® SB432 SP aluminum hydroxide is a vinyl silane treated, 9.1 micron particle size aluminum hydroxide.

Hymod ® SB432 ST1

Hymod® SB432 ST1 aluminum hydroxide is a medium particle size aluminum hydroxide treated with fatty acid.

SB 336

SB-336 aluminum hydroxide is a ground high whiteness flame retardant with an average median particle size of 15.5 microns in adhesives, caulks and sealants applications.

Zerogen ® 100 SP

Zerogen® magnesium hydroxide products provide excellent fire retarding and smoke suppression performance for the thermoplastic and elastomeric compounds. The Zerogen® 100 products are characterized by higher chemical purity compared to Zerogen® 50 products and therefore provide further enhanced performance in compound applications where superior electrical properties are needed, e.g. cable primary insulation materials. Zerogen® 100 SP is an ultrafine particle size; low surface area magnesium hydroxide with vinylsilane treatment designed to provide excellent compounding rheology, high-quality powder dispersion and enhanced compound mechanical properties in such polymers as polyolefins, EPR/EPDM and other elastomers.