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MoldX ® A300

MoldX® A300 aluminum hydroxide is optimized to provide dramatically improved processing viscosities to sheet molding compounds (SMC) at loadings ranging from 250 phr to greater than 350 phr. It is Huber's highest performing 'low viscosity' grade.

MoldX ® A400

MoldX® A400 aluminum hydroxide is a third generation optimized aluminum hydroxide product that gives low viscosity at a high loading level (250-380 phr), but requires 20-30% less loading than MoldX® A110 to achieve the same flame retardant performance.

Hymod ® M9400 SG

Hymod® M9400 SG aluminum hydroxide is a hydrophobic aluminum hydroxide grade with enhanced surface treatment and lot-to-lot consistency.

Hymod ® SB 336 SE

Hymod® SB336 SE aluminum hydroxide has proprietary surfactant treatments and an average particle size of 15.5 microns.

MoldX ® S45

MoldX® S45 aluminum hydroxide is engineered to allow higher loadings versus standard aluminum hydroxide products and offers excellent processing from 180 phr to as high as 240 phr.

SpaceRite ® S3

Spacerite® S-3 aluminum hydroxide is an ultra high brightness precipitated aluminum hydroxide with a median particle size of about 1 micron in coatings applications.