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MoldX ® A400

MoldX® A400 aluminum hydroxide is a third generation optimized aluminum hydroxide product that gives low viscosity at a high loading level (250-380 phr), but requires 20-30% less loading than MoldX® A110 to achieve the same flame retardant performance.

Martinal ® ON-908

Martinal® ON-908 aluminum hydroxide is one of a series of aluminium hydroxides designed to offer high loadings with low viscosity behavior as flame retardant filler in synthetic resin, produced in Bergheim, Germany.

MoldX ® A110

MoldX® A110 aluminum hydroxide is a second generation optimized aluminum hydroxide product that gives improved processing viscosities at very high loadings from 250 phr to greater than 350 phr.

MoldX ® S45

MoldX® S45 aluminum hydroxide is engineered to allow higher loadings versus standard aluminum hydroxide products and offers excellent processing from 180 phr to as high as 240 phr.