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Hydral ® 710

Hydral® 710 aluminum hydroxide is a precipitated ultrafine aluminum hydroxide flame retardant with low surface area.

Martifin ® OL-005

Martifin® OL-005 aluminum hydroxide is pumpable aqueous suspension (slurry) of highly dispersed aluminium hydroxide for the paper and board industry, manufacturers of dispersion paints; flame retardant filler for aqueous binder systems, produced in Bergheim, Germany.

Micral ® 916

Micral® 916 aluminum hydroxide is a high brightness product with high surface area and has an average median particle size of 1.25 microns.

SB 24

SB-24 is a off white unground course Aluminium Hydroxide with an average median particle size of 135 micons. It is ideal for use in applications requiring flame retardancy and smoke supperesion such as rubber, adhesives, and plastics.Additionally, it can be used in adsorbent/purfication applications.

SpaceRite ® S3

Spacerite® S-3 aluminum hydroxide is an ultra high brightness precipitated aluminum hydroxide with a median particle size of about 1 micron in coatings applications.

Vertex ® 60HST

Vertex® 60 HST magnesium hydroxide is a fatty acid treated grade.

Vertex ® 60 SV

Vertex® 60 SV magnesium hydroxide is a product with a proprietary surface treatment to allow for high loadings in polyolefin applications such as plastic pallets and rubbish containers.